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Posted: January 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

The dust of a thousand days
smear your thoughts.
Emotions run liquid black
streaking across your face.
Who’s a covergirl now?

I told you the truth would hit you like a shiv.
Are you shivering now?

Are you bleeding lust and green tea?
The kind you used to share with me
before you stole my teapot and my life?
Before the darkness grew so dim?
Before you walked away with him?

There’s nothing here for you now.
No truth but the one you made.
Our friendship lies deep inside the grave
sacrosanct and shrouded.
Rusted, busted and out of touch.
I haven’t missed you, overmuch.

And you want me to forgive?
And you think I should forget?
And you’ll already know
that I’ll say I won’t while I stalk away.
Even I haven’t grown that much.

I wish I had the courage to stay and pretend
that he wasn’t worth a second thought.
But he was, my dear.

And now, you’re not.