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Todays Post: Creatively Ground

Posted: November 24, 2009 in coffee, dunkin donuts, free

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I hate to say it;
I miss you.
I miss you more than I can say out loud.
Never shared so much as a sunrise
and then you’re gone.
But I miss you. I miss you.

about everything and nothing,
more perfect
than anything the writer in me could have conceived.
I could see myself
fitting so perfectly, so precisely,
but with room to grow,
next to you.
Never shared so much as a sunrise
and then you’re gone.
I miss you. I hate how I miss you.
I’m parched with a full bottle of wine beside me.
I can taste your lips.
Still I thirst.
I’m tired
and your soul gives me comfort
yet still I don’t sleep.
A day full of dark, a night screaming light.
I’m here and I’m gone.

I hate to say it.
I miss you.
I miss you more than I can say out loud.
Never shared so much as a sunrise
and then you’re gone.
For you’re nothing I ever had
and everything I lost.

It Burns

Posted: November 18, 2009 in creative, poetry, published, Uncategorized

It burns,
this love of mine,
through the fibers of my broken heart.

Its fire scars my soul and steals my breath.
It sears my belly and loosens my limbs.
I’m weak with this love

It is hearty and rich and full
And leaves me weeping for relief.

I presumed that love would be enriching,
encouraging, and everlasting.

And to my surprise and
my emotional demise
it is not.

I am left wanting.

Wasting away the hours-
For my love
to know my love.

Her limbs tangle twist and kiss the mist.
Golden tresses bless the air.
With swirls and twirls in dress of white,
an Irish dancer, ghostly slight.

Begin, the rapid notes of flute,
and bows to whom she only sees,
her blessed feet in clover spurns
the lover destined she to meet

Her wait, though long, is met with mist,
the clover wet, the bog a fist.
Yet warm remain her lips her cheek,
for when her lover she to greet.

Moonbeams dance on skin so fair
as holy sounds blend in the air.
And prickly skin, from cold, she waits;
forgetting death, her lovers fate.

On every crescent moon she stays
waiting for her lovers sways,
and arms that she shall never hold;
the girl with curling locks of gold.

Until the sun breaks forth the day
ending Irish lovers song,
she blends with sky and moves along.
Her fate, this Irish dance till dawn.

© 2006 Heather Bansemer

As printed in:

Poetry Is Not For The Weak“; (self published) 2009
“Write Around The Corner Volume 3” ; 2006

Epitome Of Me

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Often retro-hated
Taking too much time
For simple tasks
Like picking out an apple
Or a mate

Too selective
Much too much to be effective
For my own good
Get things done
The battle almost won
And then the next task is begun

And later
When all is quiet
Existential internal riot
Taking over
Taking in
Rake it over
Make me thin
Make me new
Make me whole
Make me in love with it all

Simply put
I’m just too tired
(often when I’m coffee wired)
to make the right amount of sense
when speaking in the present tense
but very well spoken of the past
Hike the sails, man the mast
And off to the eternal war I go
Between all that I was and am and will be
Within one, there is three


Posted: November 17, 2009 in poetry, poetry is not for the weak, published

Oh, Woe: naked trees; a nudist arbor colony.
Dramatic burlesque interpretation –
Look at my branches, see what you see.
All my favorite birds leave their nests.
Good bye Blue Jay, au revoir mother Finch,
fly safely little Starlings.
Come-Winter is upon us
and we must savor its brisk furnishings.
Oh sprinkling of snowflakes;
Oh misty fog of morning;
Oh crunchy leaves underfoot;
Oh sweaty brow from itchy stocking cap worn low.
Yea-Winter is upon us all and lovingly so

A Few Creative Pieces

Posted: November 17, 2009 in creative, poetry, published

I’ve decided to start shifting my published poetic pieces from to my blog. I’ll be posting them as time permits.

On Saturday November 14th my daughters ran an eight hour long food and clothing drive benefiting St. Vincent De Paul and Bread of Life Mission, respectively. Here is the video that I took that was posted to twitter, and retweeted by a number of other folks.

Thank you to @PCC @MyEdmondsNews for their retweets. Their retweets brought individuals to the drive – proof positive that the immediacy of Twitter really can make a difference to your local community.

Kudos to Ribbit Mobile for figuring out why their Ribbit instructions on the website wouldn’t work for the Blackberry.  For those of you experiencing the same thing, all you need to do is enter *712064531140 and press SEND/CALL on your Blackberry. Then log back into Ribbit Mobile to complete registration.

Then you can use their service. I’ve been using it for several days now, allowing calls to go through to VM and getting the texts sent to me. Their voice recognition software is only as good as the voice mail that is left. But never fear, you can still hear the original voicemail either by calling the new VM number they give you or listening to it directly from the web interface.  I still stand by my original post – Ribbit needs to work the bugs out of the user interface, but they still get two thumbs up for figuring out the problem and sending me directions for resolution.

This weekend, my daughters and I attended the 70th Anniversary banquet for Seattle’s Bread of Life Mission. What an incredible evening it was – filled with inspiring stories of how lives have been changed.  I was in awe of all the volunteers that came out to support the Mission’s 70th Anniversary, of the sponsors that attended, and of the folks who flew across the country to attend this banquet. 


I was humbled by the stories of change, recovery, and unconditional love and kindness.  This evening left me reflecting upon what I do in my own life that makes a difference.  I come from a loving family that taught me that in giving of ourselves is how we become open to receive the greatest of gifts.  I decided that I needed to better use my talents to support the causes that I believe in.  That’s why I am writing about volunteerism.  For those of you whose lives are just so busy that you don’t have the time to volunteer, let me tell you that there are other ways of making an immediate difference in the lives of those in need- with very little effort on your part.

You too, can help be a part of positive change. The mission has a new program offering “free shelter vouchers” that you can give to a homeless man in need of a nights meal, a warm bed, and a safe place to sleep. These vouchers are also traceable – which means that once you give it out, and it is used, you are contacted by the mission to let you know your actions made a difference. 

Here’s a photo of my first voucher which I had the opportunity to give out last week. I’ll post again when I get the word that it’s been used. I have a handful of these vouchers and I can hardly wait to run out of them just so I can get more. What an amazing way to make a direct and immediate impact on your local community.
If you feel like you want to be more involved,  the mission has a lot of ways we can all get involved.  They accept volunteers any time of year, not just the holidays. You can come alone, as a family, or as an organization.  They will always find something for you to do.  I cannot explain the feeling of joy and love you will encounter from this experience. But once you experience it yourself, you’ll want more too. 
Perhaps volunteering at a homeless shelter is not the right place for you. But there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in your own backyard.  From working at animal shelters, to tutoring low income students, to cleaning up your parks, there are thousands of opportunities that match your talents, your beliefs, and your schedule.

A quick search on shows over 1,100 volunteering opportunities in the Seattle area alone. The perfect place for your talents is waiting for you. I speak from experience when I say that there is no feeling nearly as wonderful as being of service. And it’s wonderfully addictive.