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About a week ago my eldest daughter, Lainey, came to me with an idea. This is my daughter. She’s a sweetie pie. She’s often full of ideas and so I listened, waiting for the words “can I have”, or “will you buy me”, which are, in my defense, most of the ideas you normally hear from teenagers.

What I heard however, was something completely different. What I heard was “can you help me help someone else?”

She wanted to run another food drive like we did a few months ago at PCC in Edmonds, WA . This time, however, she wanted the food drive to help The Bread of Life Mission in Seattle, an organization that we volunteer at once a month. Of course, I was surprised, and then touched, and then energized to help my daughter do her “thing”.  Her sisters agreed this was a great idea, and they were quickly on board to dedicate a Saturday to helping the homeless.

When you least expect it your children can surprise you and make you realize that you have led them well by example. And then they make you wonder what it is that you do in your own life every day that makes a difference in our world. It’s not every day that your children lead you by THEIR example, and remind you that you have opportunities all around you to make a better community in a multitude of ways. I’m truly honored to have children as wonderful as mine.

Every Day One Thing, a startup in Seattle, will be sponsoring the drive, and The Bread of Life Mission is going to help us promote it. I hope all of you reading this will come out to PCC in Edmonds this Saturday, May 1st. We’ll be there from 9am to 2pm, taking donations of non-perishable foods. Every Day One Thing will be on hand to help you learn how to translate your donations into dots on their website, marking every time you do a “thing”. Read more about Edot, and their mission to make the world a better place or watch a quick video of what Edot is, by clicking here.



I had a great conversation today with Greg Meyer, Customer Experience Manager at Gist. I’d been having some difficulties getting parts of their site to work – and he gave me a call to talk about it.

First? Wow. A company as large and dynamic as Gist is connecting with their customers one by one – by phone – to talk about how they can be better. In an age where beta moves to alpha faster than Britney gets married, it’s amazing to me that a company would take the time to really talk to their customers.

Second? Holy listening skills, Batman! Greg was attentive to my explanations of the errors I’d been receiving and proceeded to ask me for my thoughts on how their service could be better. He asked for MY THOUGHTS. They actively use their customers feedback to develop better code, better design, and better experience.  Though I’d been having a poor experience in a certain area of the site, my “experience” with Greg made it all ok.

Let me say for the record that I already loved what they had to offer. I don’t know how I kept all my contacts straight before I started using Gist last August, but now I can’t work without it. They’ve become a lifeline for me – not just professionally, but also socially. I can see just about every application that I am connected to socially, in real-time, and what my contacts are doing and saying, in real-time, so I can stay abreast of everything.

So this blog post is a huge shout out to Gist for making my online life a better one. Keep up the great work. Get the Gist.